Welcome to Wisdom Seekers Unique Learners!

Wisdom Seekers provides quality educational materials for remedial instruction for special needs, accelerated learning for gifted students, as well as homeschool curriculum for every learner in between! We review and hand select the products in our catalog based on 3 main criteria: Is it multisensory? 

Does the product enable the student to see it, say it, hear it, touch it, write it, and move it?  Is it appealing to a particular learning style with qualities such as use of color, more white space, format of information, style of presentation? Is it systematic?  Does it thorough in content and consistent, concise, and clear in directions, cuing, and practice? 

 Is the teacher materials research- based, yet easy to use? Is it consistent with a Christian Worldview?  Although there still are not many products that are specifically designed for special needs from a Christian perspective, there are excellent secular materials that are "neutral" in philosophy.  Products in our catalog marked with a *C* next to the title indicate Christian content. We hope you enjoy our new look and new sections of information!  Sign up for our FREE e-mail newsletters and Support Groups!


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  1. Richmond said,

    December 23, 2006 at 9:27 am

    I wish you the best… in your endeavors.

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