Consultation Services

Sue Hegg provides consultation services to home educators, parents, teachers, and other tutors.Consultation to homeschoolers usually involves listening to a particular situation and brainstorming alternatives to try, assisting

with curriculum selection, resource referrals for text materials or service providers, and on-going homeschool supervising teacher. Some homeschool consultation clients have also been tutoring clients; however, most consultation appointments are

 done by phone and can be remote from around the country. Sue Hegg has also conducted homeschool support group workshops on the topic, "What a Homeschool Consultant Can Do For You." If you are a homeschool family and need assistance, especially with a student with special needs, Sue would be happy to meet with you by phone. You will need to fill out a phone consultation application prior to the actual appointment in order to describe your needs and allow Sue time to prepare. Please e-mail or call for a consultation form.Consultation with parents, other than home educators, often centers around interpreting diagnostic assessment results, making instructional recommendations from assessments, suggesting educational placement for a students, observing in classrooms, attending conferences (as a child's tutor), and offering suggestions on working collaboratively with teachers.

Consultation for teachers and tutors usually centers around instructional techniques, curriculum selection, monitoring student performance, or classroom arrangement for effective and efficient teaching.

Consultation fees are $60.00 per hour and are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Phone consultations that are more than 15 minutes in length are billed at the $60.00 per hour rate in 15 minute increments. Short initial inquiry calls are not considered consultation appointments, therefore, there is no charge. Please call or e-mail for a consultation application and to schedule consultation appointments at least 1 week in advance.






Fax: 1-406-727-0873


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