Unit Studies With Picture Cards

When our children were young, we learned of 11" by 11" themed picture cards (Bits of Intelligence cards).  We loved them!  Each set had 10 cards with beautiful photography or art work.  They are called Bits of Intelligence cards–we called them Card School.  My kids were talking about Card School just the other day and my daughter who is a very visual processor sighed, "I loved Card School."  Maybe we'll do a variation of that now even though they are a bit older.

As time went on, I found Photo Fun cards.  There are many unit themes in history, geography, and science.  The price is VERY reasonable and the 8 1/2" x 11" size makes storage simpler.  Each of the sets has 8 photo cards with background information and hands-on activities on the back side.  You can find Photo Fun cards on either one of our websites:  www.wisdomseekersinc.com or www.wstreasurechest.com.

Besides the Photo Fun cards, Hands-On Activity books give many additional experiential learning activities, along with useful blackline masters.  Hands-On Activity books are companion products to the Photo Fun cards.  You can find Hands-On Activity books on our websites also:  www.wisdomseekersinc.com or www.wstreasurechest.com.

I like to create my own unit studies around my student's learning styles and needs for further practice.  These Photo Fun and Hands-On Activity Books gives me the flexibility I like and makes planning easy!


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