Quick Paragraph outlines

When teaching paragraph structure, I introduce this outline on a 3×5 card or at the top of a rough draft notebook paper:







–The Title is what your topic or subject is.

–The T is for Topic Sentence.  It must contain the topic word and a key idea about the topic.  Such as Turtles, What they eat.

–The numbers are for details.  For the outline, have students write a word or short phrase to jog their memory about the list of details.  They must have 3-5 details to begin, otherwise, they tend to wander from the central theme or they end up making bulleted lists.

–The C is for concluding sentence.  It must restate the topic sentence and key idea, but paraphrased using different sentence structure.

By providing this outline, I have found it gives students a format to write quick essay paragraphs prior to introducing detailed instruction in Kansas Writing Strategies or before expanding to a 5 paragraph essay and research report.


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