Marking parts of speech

I have found that students benefit from a visual cueing system for the parts of speech.  Maintaining the same cues from beginning to end, no matter what grammar text is chosen or what resources are used for proofreading, a cueing system makes an abstract idea more concrete.  You can make up your own, but I have used rainbow colors, as well as the following markings:

* Nouns–underline

* Pronouns–dashed underline

* Verbs–zig-zag underline

* Adjectives–box  (Note: adjectives ONLY describe nouns)

* Adverbs–triangle on wheels

* Prepositions–parentheses with P at the beginning for preposition and N at the end for noun; then box or triangle for its function  (Note: prepositions function as adverbial phrases mostly, but when they function as an adjective they come AFTER the noun)

* Conjunctions–circle and chain the two items together (NOTE:  coordinating conjunctions chain only like things together, ie. noun to noun, verb to verb, sentence to sentence)  When chaining sentences, a comma is used as the end punctuation of the first sentence.

* Interjections–star or exclamation point


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