History Timelines

History Timelines are a great way to teach history to students who have difficulty with sequencing and understanding the relationship of time passing and when things happened in history.  Integrating clip art pictures and unit studies that involve hands-on projects can make the time lines come alive. 

Using historical fiction literature helps to make everyday life in history more "real" for students who have difficulty understanding that people who lived long ago were "real."  Fiction also presents history in story form, which some students relate to more than textbook style. 

While hands-on project-based units or historical fiction literature-based approach is just right for some students, other are more secure and learn facts and overall concepts better from a straight-forward textbook, learning how to use headings and sub-headings to locate information, answering end-of-sections questions, learning note-taking skills, writing papers and taking tests.

Whatever approach you decide to use for history, try to balance memorization of facts/details with time sequence and looking at the "big picture" or concepts.  God's providence, cause/effect, man's intentions, drawing conclusions, and making predictions are all factors and skills to elicit when teaching history.

If you need materials for teaching history using timelines, check our homeschool website, www.wisdomseekersinc.com.  We carry several types of timeline figures, including the popular Homeschool in the Woods figures.


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