Fun book reports

Here are some fun and creative projects for jazzing up book reports:

* Make a literature mobile showing the main characters, setting, and events.  Use a coat hanger or plastic lid for the structure.  Have students design graphics to represent each literary element and write words or sentences on the back side of each item.  Hang them from the structure with colorful yarn or string.

*Write a postcard to one of the characters in the story.  The message can alert the character to what will be happening later in the story, explain motives of another character, or recommend another book that the character could join if it were possible.  The message must be brief and postcard sized, so words must be chosen carefully.

*Make a flip-flap booklet by folding a piece of paper lengthwise (hotdog style).  Cut flaps on one half of the paper from edge to center fold.  Label the outside flaps with titles or categories and write information on the inside of the flap.  For literature, categories could be story elements of main character, setting, problem, solution.  For writing, students could write the sequential steps, telling how to do something.  Math facts are another good use for flip-flaps.

These ideas and many more come from Alternatives to Worksheets and More Alternatives to Worksheets, which are found in the Teacher Resource section of our catalog.


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