Children Around the World

Children Around the World can be a fun unit for early childhood or primary grades.  Some activities to do for this unit are:

* Color or draw children from each country in their traditional costumes

* Make, draw, or color the flag from each country studied

* Play games that are popular in each country

* Cook food that comes from each country

* Write a sentence or paragraph about each country

* Make a Children Around the World display or bulletin board using a world map, yarn, and either photos or the paper dolls listed above

* Read books about each country

* Locate someone who has lived or visited a country to present information and souvenir memorabilia

* Write to the country's consulate or a travel agency to request travel information and brochures of a country

* Visit the country, if possible

For more ideas the following resources are listed on our homeschool website: or

"International Children"

"International Games and Cookbook"

"Land, People, Culture Books" by Crabtree–3 books for each country are available focusing on the geography, ethnicity, and cultural habits of each country listed.


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