Building reading fluency

There are several approaches to building reading fluency:

1)  The first is to be sure the child can decode words quickly and accurately.  Direct phonics instruction is important in facilitating this skill.

2)  The second approach is to require the child to read gradually increasing amounts of text every day.  Taking turns reading aloud is a fun way to practice and provide visual breaks for the student in order to extend the reading session without fatigue.

3)  Neurological Impress is a technical term for old fashioned choral reading.  While there is a prescribed method to doing neurological impress, I have found over the years that reading aloud simultaneously at a smooth, but not too fast pace, helps students maintain oral fluency and they often mimick the expression of the adult.  I have used choral reading in a classroom setting and in 1:1 sessions with students.

4) Guided Reading employs short-term auditory memory and builds student confidence; however, my students have often found it to be a laborious process and often request to try a different approach.  In Guided Reading, the teacher reads a passage that is just long enough that the student will not be able to recite the passage verbatim without actually reading.  After the teacher model, the student reads the same passage aloud.

5)  Read Naturally is a curriculum designed from elements of Curriculum-based Assessment, Choral Reading, and Guided Reading.  In the classroom, audiocassette tapes are utilized.  Wisdom Seekers has Read Naturally stories only available to homeschoolers and tutors.  Check out the Reading section of the catalog.


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