Building Bridges

Building bridges is a fun activity to do with children from preschool to high school.

With preschool children, we do a lot of play with regular wood blocks.  Playing WITH children gives opportunity to model and discuss architectural concepts.  Dad likes to play blocks with our kids, introducing them to concepts of symmetry, a firm foundation, and beam bridges. 

For elementary children, using straws or popsicle craft sticks and glue or string can help them understand about reinforcements and suspension bridges.

For secondary students, the ideas of geometry and trigonometry can be put into real life designing principles, using the Pythagorean principle to help students understand the importance of triangles in strenthening structures.

If you would like to explore more about bridges and building bridges, check out a book from your local library to explain to your students about types of bridges.  You can also look in our catalog in the Reasoning/Logic and Science sections to find the resource "Building Toothpick Bridges."


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