A list of literary elements for comprehension skills

When using a literature-based approach with students, I like to focus primarily on the literary elements for determining their comprehension of the novel.  I have designed several graphic organizers using these elements, which helps students track the typical presentation of the elements as a story progresses.

The literary elements in every story and novel are:

1) Characters

2) Setting–Time and Place

3) Problem (Conflict)

4) Events (Rising Action)

5) Climax

6) Solution to the Problem (Resolution)

Several resources for having students do follow-up activities with literary elements are found in the teacher resource section of the catalog.  Alternatives to Worksheets provides formats for writing and book report projects that make summaries fun and create interesting final products.  Graphic Organizers are great for students in grades 4 to 12 to provide information in new ways, especially for visual or global learners.


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