Physical-gross motor domian

Children often hit the following major milestones in developing gross motor skills.  While parents often look at WHEN children reach these milestones, it is also important to monitor the sequence a child reaches the milestones.

* Lifts head

* Rolls stomach to back

* Rolls back to stomach

* Pulls self to standing

* Begins crawling–any style

* Can alternate legs when crawling

* Walks along furniture

* Walks holding adult hands

* Walks alone

By entering kindergarten, children should be able to:

* Stand on dominant foot for ten seconds

* Stand on non-dominant foot for ten seconds

* Walk on tiptoes 3 steps

* Walk on a straight line a distance of 6 feet (2 m)

* Walk forward heel to toe a distance of 6 feet

* Run well, rarely falling

* Run well, stopping and starting with ease

* Skip on one foot

* Gallop–basic but inefficient

For more resources on gross motor development activities, look in the Early Childhood section of our catalog for Activities for Ones, Twos, etc. and for Follow Me, Too!


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