Spelling Activity Ideas

Spelling Activities


Here are just a few ideas for making spelling practice novel and enticing:

*  Glitter on Words–Have students write large letters on any colored construction paper.  Have them drizzle a thin line of glue over the letters and sprinkle gllitter for a glitzy effect.

*  Lighted Pegs–Have the student write words on black construction paper using a white colored pencil or crayon.  Place the paper on a LiteBrite board and insert colored pegs to make a glowing list.

*  Rainbow Spelling–Have students pick 3 to 6 colors using colored pencils, markers, or crayons.  Creating a color pattern, have students write each spelling word 3 to 6 times on regular notebook or primer paper, using one color for time the word is written.

*  Circle Words in Newspaper–High frequency words, like about, through, into, and which, are often easy to locate in newspaper articles.  This activity strengthens scanning skills and visual memory of words.

*  Markers that Change–Make a colorful background with stripes, checks, or spirals.  Have the students write spelling words with the changer!  This is a favorite activity with kids!!  If you write the words first with the changer, then swipe with colored markers, the words appear and change!

*  Cookie Sheet with Magnet Letters–Cookie sheets make great magnet boards.  Make your own letters on a computer or by hand and place a small magnet on the back.  These small letters can be laminated with clear packing tape.

*  Shaving Cream Spelling–This is the MOST popular activity with students!  Squirt shaving cream on a student desk, table, or counter.  Students smear it out and finger write spelling words in the squishy, gooshy cream!  Mistakes are just a swipe away!

If you like these ideas, there are MANY more our booklet, “100 Ideas for Hands-On Spelling Practice.”  You can find it in the Phonics/Spelling and the Vocabulary/Spelling sections of our catalog.


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